Hello there,

For months I’ve thought on what to post/cover/focus for Fashionista Underground. Is it a Style Blog? A Fashion Blog? I honestly don’t know, I was “trying” to keep up with what’s trending in the Fashion/Style blogging community, and report my OOTD daily or weekly, but it does not feel right to me. Like I can just post a picture any other day on my IG. And blogging about my personal style doesn’t really excite me (much respect to all the Style Bloggers out there).

As for what I would like to share is more of my passion. Yes, it is Fashion and Style. But also is Photography, Art, Music and Pop Culture. I always wanted to work in the publishing industry, and give the reader an escape from reality into the fantasy world. And with Fashionista Underground gives me the opportunity to show my true love for Fashion and Art as a whole unit. Also it gives me the chance to show my skills as a photographer, writer, stylist, and makeup artist.

For now, I am stripping Fashionista Underground, and starting from zero. I am developing on what’s going to feature weekly.

So in that note stay tuned. Don’t forget to stay in touch, and leave a comment or follow my Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram.


Stay weird my loves and until next time,

Rosie Guerra



  1. Thank you for coming by my blog and showing love. Blogging is a lot of work and definitely is all about passion. That being said it takes me 5 mins to snap a photo for IG, but takes up to 6 hours to complete an outfit look & shoot to write a post that’s worth blogging about. What might have seam like an easy thing to try, and keep up can quickly become impossible if that’s not your passion. That being said I’m glad you’re figuring it all out, and i look forward to reading about what your true passion is. Gook Luck! xo

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