Hello once again..

It was a very sunny, cold Friday mid morning, Shyfi (my awesome friend/photographer) and I, were getting ready for another of, our little creative photo shoot. We were heading to, Cathedral Sq, in Providence, RI. Where we now live. As we headed there, while the music on the radio was blasting and Shyfi chattering for directions to the shoot scene, I thought to myself “why in the world am I going to step outside to take pictures? In the cold? like 15F?!” and then remembered the reason is, I love creating a story or concept, through visual art.

I am posting again, after 2 years from my last post, as Fashionista Underground. It feels like starting from scratch, ground zero-ish. I took those 2 years to get my life in check, reflect, learn a few new things, and develop better as person.

For this concept, is all about new beginnings and starting fresh. I chose this location because, this place gave me a sense of peace, and the church symbolizes the purity in my soul. The wind hitting the skirt, flows away any doubt I had in myself. I have learned in the past 2 years, that is okay to second guest yourself, it’s only human nature. Be true to yourself, work on what sets your soul on fire, and everything else will follow through..

image10For me, is fashion, being creative, and documenting life through photography. With Playing Dress Up, I will like feature story telling throughout different images of amazing fashion, styled by me. Because, fashion is fun, and there’s no rule to it. I have forgotten to have fun in the process. And with this new outcome, I’m going to create and post whatever pleases me, hopefully you enjoy every bit of it.

Stay weird, stay true to you, be passionate, have no fear, and everything else will follow through…


Rosie Guerra

Pictures By: @Shyfi

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