My name is Rosmery ‘Rosie’ Guerra. I am 26 years old, from New York City, currently living in Providence, RI. I like to wear many hats. I’m a mother of an awesome and very smart boy. I’m also a Photographer, that sometimes “Models” and Plays Dress Up. Other times, I tent to listen to music and brainstorm a concept for a story. And every other times, I create, produce and make things happen. You see, I am very passionate about what sets my soul on fire, and like to express it through visuals. I guess you can say that, I’m a Visual Artist.

With Playing Dress Up, I want to showcase my love for fashion & photography, and becoming someone else through clothes. Telling a story, weather is personal joy/struggle or dreamy fictional. I want this to be a platform where anyone can escape from their reality for a bit, and see the beauty, the ugly, the good and the bad in life. And for you to know, that is okay, whatever struggle you are going through, that you’re not alone. With a positive outlook in life, believing in yourself, and staying focus, the universe will turn things around and everything else will follow through.


Stay weird, stay true to you, be passionate, have no fear, and everything else will follow through…


Rosie Guerra


Instagram: @ByRosieGuerra

Facebook: @ByRosieGuerra

Twitter: @Rosie_Guerra

*Fashionista Underground is now Playing Dress Up by Rosie Guerra*

Pictures by: (from left to right) Shyfi, WellDressedGeek, Jonghyuk "Jay" Lee


22 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    I’m Flora from Hungary. This is my brandnew webshop:
    I create lot of things, so You can count on my ever growing storehouse, there will always be something new, fresh, crispy.
    You can found more infos about the shop here: click
    Some mood photos and my art cv can be found in my blog:

    Please look around! And if you love anything, write it!

    Thanks a lot!


    1. Thank you Sindhu! Look forward on visiting your blog…

      -Rosmery Guerra

    1. Thanks! Idk if you remember me, but I’m the girl who asked about the Marilyn picture…

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